Do you bring your own cleaning supplies?

Yes, our team will bring all the specially formulated products, necessary tools and equipment for cleaning your home. They will also use your products upon request.

How many people will be cleaning my place?

We send a team of two professionally trained people for each job.

Will I get the same team each time we hire Maids To Help?

If your are a regular client (get your home cleaned once every week), we will assign one team to clean your place.  If you hire Maids To Help occasionally and would like to get the same team every time you book our services, please contact us to request the same crew.

How does your pricing work?

Prices vary on the type of services you request. You have a choice of one time cleaning or cleaning on a regular basis. One time cleaning will be charged by the hour. Our hourly rate for that service is $35 per person, per hour. If you set up cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, you will be charged a flat rate, which you will be provided with after we provide you an estimate. The price will cover our cleaning checklist, which you can find here. Additional tasks that are not listed in the checklist will be an additional charge. Please, make sure to let the office know in advance if you would like to schedule add-ons as we try to maintain a schedule to best serve our clients.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

Payment is due the day the service is performed unless you arrange otherwise. You may pay by check, Visa or MasterCard. We do require a credit card on file prior to your cleaning shall you pay via credit card.

Do you train your employees?

Yes, at Maids To Help we take our services very seriously. When a new person is hired, they go through an intensive two week training with the manager of the company. We make sure that they follow our cleaning routine, use appropriate cleaning solutions on each surface and understand the client's needs or requests.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with the services we have performed, simply call the office within 24 hours and we will take care of the issue or offer a credit back.

Should I tip my cleaning crew?

Tips are not expected or required, however if you would like to show your appreciation a gratuity or even a simple thank you note on the kitchen counter top means a lot to our team.

What if something in my home gets damaged by the cleaning team?

Maids To Help staff takes a great care when cleaning your home, but accidents might happen. All Maids To Help employees are insured to guarantee the safety of your possessions.

What time does Maids To Help arrive?

At Maids To Help, we try to be on time. However, we are in Chicago and traffic is not always our friend. We cannot guaranty an exact time, however are usually within 30 minutes of our estimated time. Our team takes pride in their work and sometimes may have to stay longer on a job when extra attention is needed to make sure that the space is spotless. 

Service Guide

Our Customer Care team has created a very useful guide to our services we provide as standard along with our policies. You can download it here.